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DAYCARE -Cage Free-

Aloha Dog Business Hours Beginning July 1, 2020.
Monday thru Friday 7:30am-7:00pm
Closed on weekends until further notice.
Aloha Dog will be closed on weekends beginning July until September 2020. Thank you for your cooperation.
Aloha Dog updated business hours beginning May 26, 2020.
Monday thru Friday 7:30am-6pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Aloha dog adjusted business hours Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm beginning April 22, 2020
Aloha Customers,
Due to the rise in cases with COVID-19, we are requesting that customers:
1. Wear a mask when entering the shop
2. Limit to 1 customer inside at a time, please wait outside until then
If these standards are not met, we will need to close for the safety of everyone. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you.
Temporary business hours beginning March 28, 2020.
Monday thru Friday 7:30am-6pm
Saturday, Sunday Closed
Temporary business hours beginning March 24, 2020.
Monday thru Friday 7:30am-6pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday Closed
Aloha Dog is very appreciative for all of your continual support through these rough times but due to these circumstances we will be closed on Sundays beginning March 29th.
Business hours will remain the same Monday thru Saturday unless something happens out of our control.
We care for everyone’s health & safety so we will practice social distancing but we know pups still need their play time & grooming done. Feel free to stop by for an hour or two to let us help you get the the important things done (grocery shopping, stocking up, etc.) in preparation for what’s to come.
Aloha Dog
President - Manami Ato
Vice President - Natsuko Muranaka & Yayoi Matsuzawa
General Manager - Anna Rios
New business hours beginning March 29, 2020.
Monday thru Friday 7:15am-7pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday Closed

Doggies Daycare, Boarding & Grooming
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525B Cummins St. Honolulu, HI 96814

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